Stephens County Genealogy Library

Policy Manual

Statement of Purpose: To collect, provide, and preserve a variety of resources in a historic location which will encourage and promote cultural, historical, and genealogical research within the community.

Mission: A successful mission will result in our becoming a well-known, unique, and vital part of the community moving forward as we continue to provide lasting and significant connections to the past.

Vision: Our vision is that we will continue to expand and improve the already vast collection of printed and digital materials, computers, and equipment maintained by our organization, along with the services we provide while ensuring that these things continue to be offered at our historically significant location as free and public resource within the community.

Stephens County Genealogical Library

March 14th, 2018

Policies will be reviewed and revised on an as needed and annual basis

Disclaimer: This Policy Manual was inspired wholly by that of the Duncan Public Library and some sections may contain unattributed direct copies or quotes.

General Objectives:

The Stephens County Genealogical Library provides, preserves, conserves, and maintains an extensive collection of printed and digital materials including an array of exclusive content. Housed in a historic library building, we strive to create a comfortable yet professional and safe environment, conducive to research. Volunteers and staff will assist patrons, conduct research, and stay up to date on the latest trends, technology, and techniques related to genealogy, historical research, and archive management.

Collection Maintenance and Development:

The Stephens County Genealogical Library will ensure that it is able to provide the most useful and up to date materials and resources for genealogical and local historical research.


Sources from which to obtain materials may include but are by no means limited to:

  • The National Archives
  • The Oklahoma Historical Society
  • The Oklahoma Genealogical Society
  • Other County, State, or Regional Historical or Genealogical Societies
  • Private Collections and Estates
  • Private For-Profit Companies Such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Selection of new materials and resources will be based on the following:

Materials must:

  • Provide up to date information
  • Be a practical resource for local researchers
  • Compliment the current collection
  • Be of significant value to genealogy, history, or a closely related field
  • Be verifiable as an accurate and reliable source
  • Not already be adequately covered by other materials already in the collection
  • Be in decent overall condition

Removal from Collection:

If any item within the collection fails to meet the selection criteria at any time, it must be evaluated for removal based on the following:

  • If damaged, can the item be repaired?
  • Could the item become useful or relevant again in the future?
  • Could an additional source increase the accuracy or credibility of the item?
  • Could the item be useful to patrons in another capacity?


Monetary donations and material gifts are graciously accepted with our thanks. Donated items which do not necessarily meet the criteria to become part of our collection may be sold and the proceeds will be used at the discretion of the Genealogical Library. Once donated or gifted the items or monies become the property of the Genealogical Library and the donor relinquishes all interest and rights to them.


On occasion, the Genealogical Library may accept materials which the original owner retains rights to. In these cases, the item is to be designated as an “On Loan” item complete with a  reference to its description of its content and condition, lender, their contact information, and its location within the library and will not at any time be entered into the library's archived collection.

Patron Behavior and Usage Policy:

The Genealogical Library is open to the public for use of its resources and facilities free of charge. The resources of the library including the computers, software, internet, printers, copiers, microfilm, printed materials, and digital materials are at the disposal of its patrons, provided they adhere to the following while on the premises:

  • No Smoking or use of tobacco of any kind
  • No vaping or e-cigs
  • No illegal substances of any kind
  • No consumption of alcohol
  • No eating or drinking at computer or microfilm workstations
  • No disruptive behavior
  • No threatening or violent behavior or language
  • No loitering or soliciting
  • No pets (other than service animals)
  • No damaging of library property
  • No skateboards, heelys, skate-shoes, or roller-blades
  • No blocking walkways or doorways
  • Be respectful of other patrons as well as library personnel
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Internet usage is intended for educational and research purposes, dangerous, provocative, or inappropriate web-searches or site visitation will not be tolerated.

Violators of these expectations may forfeit usage privileges for some or all of the library's resources, may be asked to remove themselves from the facility, and may not be welcome back, dependent on the severity of the infraction.

Programming Policy:

Periodically, the Genealogical Library will offer workshops, lectures, or other special programming designed to engage and enrich the community while instilling and fostering an appreciation for genealogy and history as well as increasing traffic and bringing awareness to the Library.


Copies $ .10 each for black and white, $ .50 for color (letter and legal size paper) $ .25 for black and white, $1.50 for color (ledger size paper)

Research by Genealogist $8.00 per hour

Membership Dues $17.00 annually

Money Received:

Cash or Checks received as payment for copies or research will be deposited at City Hall by the end of business on the following day. Cash or Checks received as a donation or as payment for materials that have been donated or removed from the collection will be locked up for the treasurer of the Genealogical Society to retrieve each week.


It will be the responsibility of the Library's paid Director to oversee its day to day operations and delegate tasks to any volunteers including but not limited to:

  • Assisting patrons
  • Conducting historical or genealogical research
  • Continuing to work on the digitization of the library's microfilm collection
  • Accounting for and handling money paid to the library
  • Keeping facility clean and orderly as well as requesting supplies as necessary
  • Ensuring that repairs and maintenance or done in a timely fashion when needed on facility, collections, and equipment
  • Maintaining contact with members
  • Organizing workshops, lectures, and other programs
  • Attending meetings, conventions, and other events or networking opportunities where the attendance of a representative holds a discernible benefit for the library
  • Maintaining and improving the Library's collections including its exclusive transcribed indexes.
  • Maintaining and improving displays and workstations
  • Ensuring that the Genealogical Library has a presence at locally significant events
  • Creating and distributing information regarding current and upcoming programs and services offered by the library
  • Collaborating with the Director of the Duncan Public Library as well as the Genealogical Society to consistently evaluate and improve practices, programs, services and resources offered at the library