The memory Lab is a new area at the Genealogy Library!

The Memory Lab

Personal Archiving

The ability to hold on to important things like photographs, letters, scrapbooks, and journals can be overwhelming. In the Memory Lab, you will be able to convert your cherished items into a digital format that you can upload to your personal storage device or to a cloud-based system. At the Genealogy Library, you will be able to create your own digital archive that you can share with others and pass down to future generations.


VHS tapes
8 MM Film
Super 8
& More!

coming soon

KIC BookEdge Scanner System

The KIC BookEdge System is a user-friendly, scanner that will allow you to create a digital file of your memories. The touchscreens allow you to adjust and crop exactly what you are wanting to be scanned while the scanner itself will protect the spines of your valuable items like memory books and scrapbooks by allowing you to drape the items over the edge of the scanner. It will also adjust for thicker items.

You are able to insert a USB device into the system in order to save your digital memories; you can also enter your E-mail address to have them sent to you or have the documents uploaded to your phone, tablet or other Wi-Fi enabled device using the SmartDoc.


KIC BookEdge Tabletop2 smartdock