It is the holiday season and that means family gatherings. Family stories are exchanged and family members are remembered. For those who have done extensive genealogical work on their ancestors, their knowledge of their family history is relatively satisfied. However, some don't have extensive families and are not able to gather the necessary information. This is one of the uses for genetealogy. "Genetealogy is the combination of genetics with genealogy". Through DNA testing, one can ascertain a variety of information which helps in completing what is an incomplete picture.

Certain genealogy sites such as AncestryDNA are offering their kits at special holiday prices. There are several sites that do this, and right now is a good time if you wish to know your genetic makeup. I find the process fascinating and the ramifications of DNA testing and use in genealogy are tremendous. It is just one more tool at your disposal to aid in the search for your family history.



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