It’s May!

Mother's Day is this Sunday and several genealogy sites are offering sales on DNA testing. 23 and Me and are both running specials that end on May 13. Now would be a good time to participate.

I read the new book by Stephanie Perkins, Murder Once Removed, which is a genealogy mystery. It was a nice read, and if you like mysteries and genealogy, this will entertain you.

I also finished Jennifer Roberson's The Gown. For those of you who have family mysteries--in other words, want to know more about certain members--this book sheds light on what we do and do not know about those we hold most dear. This book is not a genealogical study, but it is a granddaughter's search to better understand a grandmother who has suddenly become a stranger to her. By doing so, she unearths a history of her grandmother she never knew. It is a wonderful story of three remarkable women who survived WWII and make lives for themselves. I highly recommend it. By the synopsis I just used, you can understand why I would review it on a genealogy website. So many people start their ancestry research with "I was always told..." only to find out totally different information. I kept thinking about that when I was reading this book. What we think is true and what is true are not always necessarily the same. I have discovered that being fluid in your thinking is one of the requirements to doing research, especially when it comes to family history.