History and Genealogy

This blog is a convoluted one, but please bear with me. I am not a trained genealogist, but I am a trained historian, and lineage and pedigree have always fascinated me. I am not a librarian, but I have always been a reader who loves books. I have combined these two things in my current position as the branch manager of the genealogy library, and I love my job. This job allows me to conduct research for people that encompasses both their genealogy and its place in history, so this with my love of libraries has made this job the one for me!


At our past brown bag lunches, I have often shared my love of timelines–they make everything so neat and concise.  These timelines can help you understand who your ancestors were, the events they were experiencing, as well as where they were, and why they were there.  I believe you cannot do genealogy well without including history. If you do, you will soon realize you only discovered a list of names with no understanding of why or how they became part of your lineage. Knowing the dates that bracket their lives should tell you more than the day they were born and the day they died. That is where I come in–I am here to help in any way I can, so if you have a question, either email me or call, and I will do everything I can to help you in your research.  I have some great resource books here at the library–also in my personal library–to help with this.

Now, to go along with all that above, the brown bag for August was supposed to be on the 75th anniversary of the ending of WWII–searching for family members, etc.  However, our beloved Brown Bag Lunches will not happen just yet, but I will post again soon to share some sites that might interest you.  I will leave you with one right now–the World War II museum in New Orleans.  If you haven’t explored this site, give it a shot, I think you will find it interesting.

Until next time,